Yoshi’s Story Game for the Nintendo 64

Yoshi, a not-so-popular character before, was made prominent because of his appearance in various Super Mario games of old.

Now, Yoshi has his very own video game franchise and I am going to talk about one of his games in this article.

The game I am going to talk about today is the Yoshi’s Story Game for the Nintendo 64. This is a sequel to the Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island back in the Super Nintendo Entertainment System days.

The Yoshi’s Story Game for the Nintendo 64 is 3D platforming game that showcases the adorable dinosaur, Yoshi.

There are two different game modes you can choose from. Let’s start with Story Mode. The Story mode of the game is presented in a playbook manner where in order to advance the story, you have to complete the “chapters” of the book.

The chapters of the book are called “Courses” and there are six pages (or six levels) in total. Each page has 4 courses and in order to proceed, you must collect enough special hearts.

In every course, there is a maximum of 3 special hearts you can collect. Each special heart will correspond to the number of courses you can unlock after the current course has been completed.

For example, suppose you got two hearts on a specific course, you can unlock 2 more courses after you’ve completed the stage.

In the next game mode called the “Trial Mode”, players can revisit the courses they’ve unlocked in the Story Mode. This is a mode where players can improve their skills so that they can get a higher score on that particular course.

So, how do you play the Yoshi’s Story Game for the Nintendo 64? Well, at the beginning of each course, you can choose the color that Yoshi will have.

After the game starts, you will be able to use Yoshi. Yoshi can do a lot of things to score some points. You can either stomp on enemies, you can eat fruits, you can absorb enemies and turn them into eggs, after which, you can throw them back to other enemies. Yoshi can also run, walk, swim, crouch, jump, and push boxes.

Now, the beauty of Yoshi’s Story Game for the Nintendo 64 is that you have to be creative in every course so that you can rack up the points.

For example, if you only eat one kind of fruit during a particular course, you will further increase your score.

In the game, you will notice that there is a flower meter on the screen. That flower meter indicates Yoshi’s health. It has a maximum of 8 petals and whenever Yoshi’s damaged by an enemy or he accidentally steps on a spike, he will lose one petal. Lose it all and the game is over.

There are also two unlockable Yoshi colors, the black and white. In order to get them, you need to rescue their eggs found in the story mode.

To rescue the eggs, you have to carry the eggs to the endpoint of the course. After doing to, they will be unlocked and you can select them before a course begins.

The Yoshi’s Story Game for the Nintendo 64 is a fun game and if you want a game that can help you alleviate stress; then this game is for you.