HCG diet- Effective diet plan for weight loss

The HCG diet is a natural hormone in which the body takes during pregnancy. If you want to lose weight, you just follow the effective hcg diet for weight loss. It is an ultimate low calorie diet plan that helps to reset your metabolism to lose fat as much as you can. It also makes you that do not feel weak or hungry. Once you start following this diet plan, it will limit you up to 500 calories per day for about eight weeks. Actually, it is not approved by the FDA, but legal to use with the proper consultation of health care provider.

While taking HCG, you have to follow the diet meal plans that include add one vegetable, protein, bread and fruit on each meal. If you want to have successful meal planning, you just approach the right dieters and select the right food choices depend on your needs. When it comes to vegetables, you can take the following choices include beet greens, spinach, onions, tomatoes, chard, fennel, cucumbers, chard, radishes, celery, cabbage and asparagus. The bread includes a piece of breadstick or Melba toast. You can take any of these fruits such as a handful of strawberries, orange, apple or grapefruit.

Follow HCG diet menu ideas

The HCG diet plan usually includes a lot of menu ideas to be followed. When it comes to weight loss, the HCG diet menu plan is a major key to achieve success with its special diet. If you are getting bored with dieting, below are some of the most interesting HCG diet menu ideas that help you to keep on tracking amazing fat loss that includes:

Tip 1

In the morning, you can prefer to drink tea, coffee or water. Lunch and dinner are same, so it quite easy to follow the diet menu. You can also follow the same menu for a few days without changing.

Tip 2

When you cook lunch and dinner, it is better to try the different meats like chicken or fish or the vegetables and fruits. When you try meats, below is a simple idea for HCG diet plan menu,

  • First, you take 3 ounce of chicken breast with removing all fat and then season with garlic paste.

  • Now, you place that chicken on a grill and wait for a few minutes until it cooks thoroughly.

  • On the other hand, you can cut the 3 ounces of cucumbers into many slices.

  • A piece of Melba toast is also allowed to add.

  • Take a medium sized orange that works great for dessert.

Proper maintenance on HCG diet

Remember to plan your meals is a major key to success with this special HCG diet. You should also ensure that not only to lose weight, but also maintain a healthy diet. One of the most important things to be considered while following the hcg diet plan is getting you started in the right way and follow to try tasty foods on menu plan.