How can I watch Bathurst 1000 full in HD?

Every serious sports event enthusiast out there will definitely want to enjoy watching Bathurst 1000 full in HD. If you are like this lot, then you just clicked on the correct site because we bring you a guide on how you can watch Bathurst 1000 live with the best of quality. Well, you got several options for the Bathurst 1000 streaming. You can access it by free to air TV, channel 10 broadcasting, or the Fox sports channel. Another alternative for this is the Kayo premium if you don’t have a TV. 

The good news is that you will enjoy full HD streaming of this championship with the global television. It supplies super trucks with HD 1 and HD2, which in turn provide live pictures for the seven networks domestically.  

Fox Sports and Foxtel 

In the recent past, Fox Sports and Foxtel has been able to broadcast the Bathurst 1000 in 4K ultra high definition without any ad disruptions. Their inspiration comes from bringing the Bathurst 1000 championship to the supercar sports fan in the best video quality possible. Bathurst fans can access the broadcast on the recently introduced 4K Foxtel channel 144. On Fox sports, the Bathurst full in HD is available on channel 506, which also offers entertainment programs alongside other old favorites. 


If you are a Foxtel subscriber, you will still be able to access the HD broadcast under the HD sports package. The only requirement is upgrading to the iQ4 set-top box. 

Fox sports being the top sports website, offers Bathurst 1000 full in HD with live timing and the best of race stats and all the key occurrences during the supercar event. The fans can access the broadcast via 

Besides Watching Bathurst 1000 full in HD, there are other benefits you will get with Fox Sports and Foxtel. These include;

  • With the Foxtel go App, you can do a live stream and watch the sport on Television quite easily. 
  • You enjoy access to every sports channel with quite friendly monthly packages. 
  • Foxtel users can upgrade to the set top box whenever need be. 
  • Foxtel and Fox sports are well established in broadcasting quality sports shows. You never experience ad breaks while enjoying your best sports shows. 
  • Foxtel Now comes with a 10-day new trial for new subscribers. All you need to do is visit their page and sign up to be a member. 

Wrapping up

Supercar sports being a sport of color, movement, and sound; deserves the best of coverage quality there is. It’s indeed a great race that calls for great coverage to ensure that Bathurst fans get to enjoy the sport to the fullest, experiencing superior super sport touch. With 4K HD quality being the best way to enjoying your favorite Bathurst 1000 sport, don’t forget to have a 4k TV while preparing to watch Bathurst 1000 live..