How to watch Minnesota Vikings NFL on TV

4 Aug 2019 Malissa Martin

The game 2019 NFL season we are longing for is coming closer day by day. Are you also among the fans that are counting on days for the event? You are not alone. Many Minnesota Vikings fans are hoping that the tournament should be tomorrow. The reason, being to see their prospect team take against their opponents.

Minnesota Vikings NFL on TV

Besides that eager, not all fans will make it to the stadium. This does not imply that they will have to miss watching their favorite in action. So how will be able to watch the Minnesota Vikings on NFL and even watch other matches? For sure, there are many ways one can achieve and if you have been looking for one, then this piece of content is for you.

If you will not make it to the US bank stadium to watch the tournament in person, you can watch at the comfort of your home. Below find the dates and times for the Minnesota Vikings NFL alongside the channels.

The first round, which will be on Thursday 5 September, can watch from NBC, FOX, and CBS stating 1:00 PM. It can also be watched online from channels such as FUBO, NFL.COM, and DirecTV. Though, you have to choose a bundle that has the three named channels that will broadcast the event. By doing that you will be able to access the Minnesota Vikings game live stream and enjoy the game like any other fan.

Last note

So, you can be able to watch the game. It is regardless of the method you will choose. Three channels will ensure you don’t miss any match when the Minnesota Vikings will be in the field. It is also obvious that you will choose the channel with the presenter or commentator that you will like.

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