F1 Australian GP: Circuit & Track

14 Feb 2020 Malissa Martin

In an F1 car, the first race that you will tackle is the Australian Grand Prix.  This an event of the year that all F1 fans look forward to, and you can watch F1 Australian GP live on the various broadcasting networks such as Fox Sport.

F1 Australian GP: Circuit & Track

Since 1996, Albert Park has been the home of Australian GP, and the configuration of the circuit has not been changed, although the Australian GP Corporation is reconsidering on making changes, and this includes layout changes and track resurfacing.

 Although the Melbourne GP track is a street circuit, the location of the park allows for great run-off, and overtaking is very difficult, but for 3DRS zones, opportunities always arise.  This is not only a great circuit to start your F1 career mode, but it is also a challenging and fun circuit to drive.

The whole track is made up of public roads with each sector having a characteristic of medium to high speed, and racetracks accelerated with gravel and grass safety zones for run-offs that are annually reconstructed.

Due to annual concrete barriers built alongside the lake drive curve, the circuit has a characteristic nature of the enclosed street circuit as there is no run-off as a result of the lakeshore proximity. Everyday sections of the road that circumnavigate the Albert Park Lake are used in the circuit.

There are 16 turns that you will have to make before you complete the race. The course is relatively easy and quite fast to drive, and the placement of corners consistently enables drivers to learn the circuit easily.  In comparison to other circuits that are conducted on public roads, the Albert Park track has the smoothest surface.

During the time of the year, when the track is not needed for the race or preparation, street registered vehicles can be driven clockwise or anti-clockwise. The only sections that may differ from the configuration of the race are turn 3,4,5 and 6.

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